Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting that Kayak flying

The fundamentals of the aerial manoeuvre are the same for both kayak and waveski. The 3 critical things I see are speed, timing and releasing the inside rail, get one of these wrong and your sinuses are in for a flushing.

This is what I try to do

1. Trim high and identify the section your going to launch off
2. Drop down the face lay over onto the inside rail and bottom turn
3. As you climb up the face release the inside rail, get you paddle to the other side of the kayak and connect with the lip
4. You should hit the pitching lip of the wave with the flat base of the kayak in the seat area, too early and your over the back, too late and your through the lip.
5. Launch into the air leaving your paddle connected with the wave face.
6. Pivot yourself around the paddle and lean back for landing.
7. Land with your weight centred and slightly back to avoid nosediving

good luck

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